Happening in OKC: JavaScript @ the Div and okcCoco is back

Attended another impressive OKC.js lunchtime presentation at the <div> yesterday, where Luke Crouch talked about the amazing additions Mozilla is bringing to JavaScript and to the browser as a platform for application development. I was particularly intrigued by Boot to Gecko and got to wondering what it means for a web browser to stand in as an […]

Flip an image in UIImageView using UIView transitionWithView

View animations on the iPhone are wonderful. Used properly they will delight your users and help your application stand out. The iOS provides a suite of methods for animating your interface, including the excellent  UIView class method + (void)animateWithDuration:(NSTimeInterval)duration animations:(void (^)(void))animations, which takes a block of animations that let you, for example, smoothly resize or move […]

[Code] Challenge Yourself

A code challenge is a fun, satisfying way to learn new technologies and rapidly develop your skill set. You decide the requirements and the amount of time you’d like to spend on it, and when you’re finished you’ve learned something new and learned it more quickly than you thought you could. You’ve got four hours. […]

SPFacebookClient wrapper for the Awful Facebook iOS SDK

Well, it had to happen sometime. I’ve released my first bit of iOS open source. Actually the code has been out a while, but the blog was taking a Gatorade break on the sidelines and autographing fan photos. As you may have heard, Facebook finally had it’s IPO last week. You’re all shorting FB, right? […]

The Burden of Commitment in Design

Despite its dazzle, uber-modernist style and great location in the store, the newly built Nook center at my local Barnes & Noble is empty. So it seems every time I pass it. Maybe it’s just a sampling error, I’m at the wrong store at the wrong time, or maybe it’s a selection bias, as I […]