Localizing formatted strings on iOS

The Problem I recently came across this post on Twitter: Any tips for Localization? Variable placement @”xxxx %@, xxxx %@” might translate differently in other languages due to prepostion placement? The poster is wondering how you localize the placement of data when the formatted string hardcodes the location of the data in the string. For […]

First contact? Probably not

Are aliens among us? Are they in contact with humanity? Given the structural considerations, by a large margin probably not. I’ll be the first to admit the limitations of human comprehension and technology. Perhaps the speed of light isn’t an absolute maximum. Maybe something like warp speed or star gates is entirely possible. But returning […]

Auto-synthesize in Xcode 4.4

Ever since the modern runtime was introduced with Obj-C 2.0, Mac and iOS developers have been able to use implicit instance variables with property declarations. Instead of listing all the instance variables that back your properties in the class header or in a private category in the implementation file, you simply synthesize your property and […]


Available on Github: https://github.com/phildow/TCTweetComposeViewController Twitter Integration is Great Easy Twitter integration has been available on the iPhone since the release of iOS 5, when Apple added the Twitter framework to the SDK. The framework includes two classes, TWRequest and TWTweetComposeViewController, and builds on the Accounts framework which was also made available with that release. The classes are straightforward and […]

iOS course at the software business accelerator

An Introduction to iOS Quite a bit going on the past few weeks. Of special note I’m very excited to be developing an iOS course for the incoming Software Business Accelerator (SoBA) student interns at the University of Oklahoma’s Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW). The students will be part of a joint […]