Available on Github: Twitter Integration is Great Easy Twitter integration has been available on the iPhone since the release of iOS 5, when Apple added the Twitter framework to the SDK. The framework includes two classes, TWRequest and TWTweetComposeViewController, and builds on the Accounts framework which was also made available with that release. The classes are straightforward and […]

SPFacebookClient wrapper for the Awful Facebook iOS SDK

Well, it had to happen sometime. I’ve released my first bit of iOS open source. Actually the code has been out a while, but the blog was taking a Gatorade break on the sidelines and autographing fan photos. As you may have heard, Facebook finally had it’s IPO last week. You’re all shorting FB, right? […]

Open Source Spree at Sprouted

In the past few days I’ve gone binging on open source and followed up on a promise to publish the entire Journler code base. I’ve also begun open sourcing some of the foundational classes used in Per Se. Initially I didn’t plan on open sourcing Journler until I was further along with the 2.6 update, […]

Introducing SPSearchStore: an Objective-C wrapper for SearchKit

For the inaugural post of the relaunch I’m pleased to present the first bit of open sourced material from the Journler code base. Back in February I announced that I would be releasing Journler to the public, and this is an important first step and a significant bit of code it that direction. This […]