Available on Github: Twitter Integration is Great Easy Twitter integration has been available on the iPhone since the release of iOS 5, when Apple added the Twitter framework to the SDK. The framework includes two classes, TWRequest and TWTweetComposeViewController, and builds on the Accounts framework which was also made available with that release. The classes are straightforward and […]

The Burden of Commitment in Design

Despite its dazzle, uber-modernist style and great location in the store, the newly built Nook center at my local Barnes & Noble is empty. So it seems every time I pass it. Maybe it’s just a sampling error, I’m at the wrong store at the wrong time, or maybe it’s a selection bias, as I […]

A response to Matt Gemmell’s Apps vs the Web

This piece is a critical response to Matt Gemmell’s July 22 post, “Apps vs the Web”. In that post Matt outlines the differences between native mobile apps, which we should read as iPhone apps, and web-based apps, describing the advantages and disadvantages of each environment and judging in favor of native applications. The conclusion isn’t […]

Metaphoric Interfaces, Per Se Page Layout and Visual Cues in Data Retrieval

Background In desktop publishing, a page break is an invisible control character which alters the presentation of text on the digital page. It occurs in text without appearing to the user and signifies to a text system that layout should end for the current page and pick up again on the next page. Practically speaking, […]